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Liz at Port Stanley Schoolhouse
Liz and Port Stanley School door

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I spent 10 years as an Industrial Safety Consultant before moving to Lopez Island in 1989. As a child I helped my parents renovate their 1850's farm house on Block Island, Rhode Island and while in college I worked for a Block Island contractor finishing trim and doors on a craftsman style home. Upon moving to Lopez Island, I worked as a painter and finisher for Hunter Bay Woodworking before starting my own finishing business. I have successfully run a small wood finishing business specializing in refinishing and restoration.

I complete all my work with a reverence for fine wood and work in a careful and meticulous manner ensuring quality workmanship. I continue to educate myself regarding the latest finish technology, keeping up to date on new finishes and techniques. I work on site or in my well-equipped and heated woodworking shop on Lopez Island. The shop can accommodate a small boat, furniture, cabinets, trim and related projects.

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