Sunlight and Water Damage

Regular preventative maintenance will avoid high-cost repairs. Exterior and interior finishes are subject to damage from ultraviolet light and water. If allowed to deteriorate, finishes will no longer provide adequate protection to wood. Veneers often lift when exposed to water and bare wood may crack or check. Doors, windows, trim, and other wood will have a longer life span if the applied finish is well maintained. When a sufficient base is not utilized at the onset of a new project, early deterioration of the wood may result.


Interior and Exterior Finishes

Most wood requires some sort of protective finish on it. Clear finishes show the beauty of the wood but these finishes must be carefully maintained. The amount of exposure to the outside elements or the location of the wood, such as in a high traffic area, or in full sunlight, will determine how often the wood will need maintenance. Just as a house will need to be painted from time to time, clear finishes also need attention.


Staining Wood

Wood will often need to be stained to match an existing finish or if color is a desired effect. I have considerable experience in dyeing and staining wood and can put together color samples to meet your needs.
You can view my work first hand with a visit to the Port Stanley Schoolhouse, on Lopez Island. I refinished all the interior doors, trim, windows and cabinets and the exterior windows.

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Finishes to Suit Your Need

I can bring your cabinets, doors, windows, and trim back to their original beauty, or I can change the finish to suit your special needs.
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